solitude, a date with self.

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For a thousand moons and a thousand suns, I have been alone. They say that from the moment we are brought upon this loose world until the moment we are pulled out, we are alone. This appears to be true since we are indeed born alone. However, the first thing that happens after we come out of the void is immediate contact with another one just like us. With the same skin wrapping up our bodies. With the same ear-drums percussing life’s newest orchestra. A rhythm so eloquent, so soothing, and wildly calm, that our hearts decide to take it upon themselves and make it their own lifeline. Because, once we get to the other side the first thing our hearts seek to do is connect with another just like them, playing the same rhythm.

If that’s so, then why all of us suddenly feel alone? Maybe because some of us are different, or maybe because all of us are frighteningly alike. Perhaps, in our own alike-ness, it is that lies the secret behind the loneliness of our hearts. The same loneliness sitting right beside us, telling us the amazing stories of the regular day to day we had at our jobs. Or with our friends, or with our loved ones, or perhaps, with ourselves. How we got there and pushed through the same old door. The same we know so well enough to pressure the same precise force for it to open. And land on the other side, where the joyous dance called routine had just begun. Nevertheless, sages from afar in the mountains used to tell me that the heart seeks to tell all of those boring love-stories and if it finds someone willing enough to hear them. Then, golden bells from up in the skies will chime and their sound will echo through the gates of heaven on earth and the gates of hell on yourself.

However, before one can develop such an ability. Our souls must understand first the importance of being alone. The granted divine opportunity to spend time with ourselves, to see us for our true selves, to be with ourselves. Such a precious time should always be treasured in the most loving corners of our hearts. Because it is this time that teaches us the ancient arts of loving ourselves. The sacred ritual of taking healthy-care of ourselves. The brave quest of getting to know the totality of us, what we truly desire, and what we truly deserve. The determined will of attracting specifically that directly toward us. The long-forgotten magic of saying “I love you” right at us. The kind gesture of kissing our own foreheads. As dreaded as solitude may be, it can also display a benevolent and kind side. It can not only show you pain and despair but if you look at it long enough with kind eyes, you can see that behind the curtain of suffering, there lays the most desired gem of them all, of course, your own love.




satori means sudden enlightenment.

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satori means sudden enlightenment.

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